ISEC is your International ID Card solution company.

Do you need an International ID Card with bank debit card?


2005 EFMA Award Winning Card

In 2005, ISEC & Visa CheckCard received an EFMA Marketing Award! Students, and our partner, Wooribank, have been very satisfied with the combined ISEC & Visa Checkcard since it started. 2015 is almost 10 years!

Major Benefits

-  International Student Identification Card
-  Worldwide Student discounts
-  24-hour emergency assistance service
-  Wooribank CheckCard(Debit Card) function
-  VISA Worldwide payment system is available
-  VISA ATM withdrawals throughout the world
-  Special national discounts available in Korea such as Cinema,
   Amusement parks, Starbucks, family restaurant discounts


Only one bank in each country can be our partner. One of the largest banks in Korea, Wooribank, has been affiliated with ISEC for almost 10 years and you can check their successful marketing story. Join in our combined bank program now.

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